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Applying For a Romania Work Permit: In-depth Guide

Romania Work Permit

Applying for a Romania Work Permit will be hassle-free if you follow the following steps. 

Check For Eligibility

Ensure you are eligible according to the criteria for obtaining a Romania Work Permit. You need a job offer from a Romanian employee to apply for a work permit. The job offer must be according to your work skills and qualifications. Additionally, you must prove that no suitable Romanian or European candidate can replace you in the specific position.

Gather Essential Documents

Organize all your paperwork. The required documents include a valid passport, a transcript of your employment contract, and proof of your accommodation in Romania. Relevant educational and professional certificates will also make getting the Romania Work Permit easier without getting into trouble. 

Obtain Health Insurance

Get your health insurance documents because having a health insurance facility while working in Romania is vital. You must arrange it before applying for the work permit for Romania.

Submit Your Application

Romania Work Permit

After collecting all the required documents, submit your application for Romania Work Permit to the Romanian office for immigration. You can do it either personally or through a consultant. Furthermore, choose your consultant for the task wisely because it can make or break it.

Clear Dues

Processing of a work permit application usually has some fees. Ensure that you pay the fees after submitting your documents or application. You can clear your dues through the instructions given by the immigration office.

Keep Patience

Keep patience as your application procedure continues. It can take several weeks for your work permit application to get approved. The immigration office usually takes the time because it verifies and reviews all your documents.

Revival of Decision

Once the immigration office processes your application, you will receive a notification regarding your application. You will get your work permit if it gets approved for working in Romania. 

Work in Romania

Enjoy working in Romania with your work permit. You can also apply for permanent residency after working there for some time. 

Life and Culture in Romania For Expats

Romania Work Permit

Life and culture in Romania are different from the world. Therefore, as an expat, you can find life there appealing. Romania is rich in culture. You can find beautiful scenery and diverse traditions in Romanis. There is so much to discover in this beautiful country that you will not get bored.

Sense of Community Among Romanians

Romanians have a strong sense of community and value close relationships with friends and family. People living there like to get together for feasts and different celebrations. Their sense of community shows that the citizens of Romania are welcoming towards expats. You can feel connected to your surroundings in Romania by participating in community activities there.

Romania’s Cultural Heritage

Romania has a fascinating cultural heritage, especially for people from different countries. The citizens of Romania follow Romanian, Hungarian, and German traditions. You can explore its ancient architecture and other places and immerse yourself in Romania’s rich cultural heritage.

Dining in Romania

Romanian food is delicious and flavorful, strongly reflecting its agricultural roots. By trying their food, you will get used to the country as an expat. Suppose you are invited to someone’s house for dinner or lunch. In that case, you must follow some common Romanian dining traditions to make the most comfortable with you. Doing small efforts like bringing a gift for the host and finishing your meal can win the hearts of Romanians.

Language Barrier

Living in Romania as an expat can also be challenging for you sometimes. There is a large part of the Romanian population who speak English. However, learning the local language can help you adjust to the Romanian community. 

Getting a Romania Work Permit is beneficial if you seek work opportunities in the European Union region. EvisaCompany helps you get your Visa approved in no time. 

Primary Industries and Employment Opportunities in Romania

Romania Work Permit

Romania is a place filled with work opportunities for those who want to make the most out of their life. Following are some major industries and employment opportunities in Romania.

Information Technology and Software Development

Romania is rapidly growing in its IT sector. You can find competitive salaries while working in information technology and software development. You can find most work opportunities in major cities of Romania.

Manufacturing and Engineering

Romania has a vast manufacturing sector. You can find job opportunities in various fields, such as aerospace, electronics, and machine work. Romania is in demand of skilled engineers and manufacturers. 

Automotive Sector

There are several automotive manufacturing plants in Romania. Companies like Renault, Dacia, and Ford are present there. These companies can provide you with employment opportunities. 

Pharmaceutical and Medical Sector

Romania’s pharmaceutical and medical industry is increasing. You can find work opportunities in development, research, sales, and manufacturing.

Tourism Sector

Romania is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. It has a significant tourism and hospitality industry, so you can find many jobs there. You can work in hotels and restaurants, as a tour operator, etc.  

Energy Sector

Romania is investing in renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydropower to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. The renewable energy sector offers employment opportunities in project development, engineering, construction, and maintenance of renewable energy infrastructure.

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