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Azerbaijan eVisa Types and Requirements

Azerbaijan eVisa

Azerbaijan offers eVisas for everything to facilitate the entry of travelers with different purposes. The Azerbaijan eVisa helps people by allowing them to get the visa that suits them online. There are many different types of eVisas offered by Azerbaijan. Here are mentioned those.

Tourist eVisa

It is more commonly known as a Visitor Visa. One of Azerbaijan’s prominent eVisa types is the tourist eVisa. It is available for people from all around the globe who want to travel to Azerbaijan for a vacation or to explore its beauty. Additionally, it is designed for people who only want to visit Azerbaijan for entertainment purposes. 

It restricts you from working or studying there. Suppose the Azerbaijan government detects you are involved in any of these activities. In that case, you will be requested to leave the country within fifteen days. Moreover, with the help of a tourist eVisa, you can stay there for 30 days.

Business eVisa

The business visa is designed for those who want to do business in Azerbaijan. It is also given to people with business activities such as conferences, meetings, etc. The business eVisa enables entry into Azerbaijan only for commercial purposes

The only purpose of this eVisa is to ensure that the bearer of the visa will not receive any salary from Azerbaijan. It includes a stay of 30 days and requires documentation supporting the business activities being conducted.

Medical eVisa

Another type of Azerbaijan eVisa is its medical eVisa. It is given to people who are seeking medical treatment in Azerbaijan. It allows the entry of patients and their companions who want to get medical treatment from recognized hospitals in the country. 

The patient can stay in Azerbaijan until he is mentally and physically stable. The medical eVisa gives a stay in the country according to the duration of medical treatment. 

Transit eVisa

Azerbaijan eVisa

It is designed for travelers transiting through Azerbaijan to reach their desired country. It allows a short-term stay in the country, like several hours or three to four days. Mostly, people with connecting flights want this. Moreover, it allows a stay of up to 5 days in Azerbaijan. 

Educational eVisa

It is made for students who want to study in Azerbaijan and gain admission to prestigious educational institutions. It can also be given to students who want to come to Azerbaijan to participate in any educational activity. 

The Azerbaijan eVisa for educational purposes requires documentation from the host educational institution. It grants a stay according to the duration of the study program.

Private eVisa

It is designed for people who want to visit Azerbaijan on a private trip. People with relatives in Azerbaijan can apply for this eVisa. This will allow the foreigner to stay with their relatives in Azerbaijan. 

This type of eVisa is usually suitable for individuals visiting friends or family members or attending private events. It allows you to stay in the country for up to 30 days. 

Office Trip eVisa

It is offered or given to diplomats or other foreign government officials who want to visit Azerbaijan and work with the governments of Azerbaijan. People who want to represent their country in Azerbaijan officially can apply. 

Suppose these personnel travel with some other type of visa. In that case, they will not be allowed to undergo their official duties with the Azerbaijan government. The duration depends on the period needed to perform the official duties. 

How Long Does It Take to Receive the Azerbaijan eVisa?

It mostly takes one to three days to process an Azerbaijan eVisa to be processed. Once you have applied online, the information in it is verified by the Azerbaijani immigration authorities. Upon approval, the visa will be sent to you by email. In some cases, you can face difficulty getting the eVisa if your application needs to be fixed.

Moreover, if you use the service of eVisa Company, then your eVisa processing will be hassle-free. It provides guaranteed approval, it is saving, and you don’t have to pay any hidden fee. Furthermore, you can get expert guidance from eVisa Company regarding your Azerbaijan eVisa. 

Popular Tourist Destinations in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan eVisa

Azerbaijan is a country filled with diversity and beauty. There are so many beautiful places in Azerbaijan that even a month is not enough for visiting every beautiful destination there. However, some of Azerbaijan’s most beautiful tourist attractions include the following destinations. 


Baku is the most beautiful city and the capital of Azerbaijan. The place is filled with cultural diversity. It is a mixture of the old walled city of Icheri Seher. On the other hand, there are modern skyscrapers in Baku. You can enjoy both the ancient and modern world’s beauty. 

Baku also has the famous Flame Towers, which resemble the fire. You can also visit the Museum of Contemporary Art there. It has over 900 awestruck artworks. Furthermore, there are many local markets in Baku where you would love to take a quick stroll, whether day or night. 


It is situated in the Gabala region, and it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in Azerbaijan. It is renowned for its lush forests and natural beauty. You can go hiking on its beautiful hilly tracks, enjoy snow skiing, etc. There are also a bunch of recreational activities out there for adrenaline junkies.

Gabala also has historical tourist destinations like the ancient Gabala Fort, ruins of the Albanian Church, etc. You will learn about the region’s rich ancient history and cultural heritage in Gabala.

Gobustan National Park

It is another beautiful tourist destination, just a shit drive from Baku. The place is scattered with ancient rock carvings, mud volcanoes, and eye-catching natural wonders. Visitors from all around the world come here to explore its beautiful archaeological sites. The place is rich with Azerbaijan’s rich cultural heritage.

Moreover, the park is filled with beautiful mud volcanoes that spew gas and mud every second. This enhances the beauty to the next level. 


The city of Astara is situated in the district of Astara Rayon, which also shares a border with Iran. The place is known as the most beautiful city in Azerbaijan. Its lush green forests and beautiful mountains gather the attention of tourists from all across the globe. 

There are attractive cafes and restaurants around the city, enabling travelers to enjoy the taste of local cuisine. Furthermore, statues, museums, and ancient mosques that elevate the city’s beautiful city. 

Sheki City and Palace

It is located in the foothills of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Sheki is a beautiful place popular for its stunning architecture, rich history, and diverse culture. It also has the magnificent Sheki Khan’s Palace, symbolizing Azerbaijan’s amazing architecture. 

Tourists can also explore the city’s ancient streets, busy markets, and historic mosques. All this makes the city charming both in the day and at night.  You can visit all these places with the Tourist Azerbaijan eVisa. 

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