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Vietnam eVisa Advantages and Differences

Vietnam eVisa

A Vietnam eVisa is more beneficial in more than one way than a traditional visa. It offers a modern approach to getting your visa through online means. Here are some advantages and differences of an eVisa for Vietnam.

Convenient Than a Traditional Visa

An eVisa for Vietnam is more convenient than a traditional visa. You can apply for the visa online; it only requires some basic information and a good internet connection. As the whole process is online, you don’t have to visit any embassy or consulate for an interview. You can save time by not traveling to an embassy for the interview. 

Faster Than a Traditional Visa

The processing time for an eVisa is faster than a traditional visa. You can often receive your Vietnam eVisa approval within a few working days and even in 24 hours. Therefore, you can decide on your travel plans with the least minor delay.

Online approval of eVisa

Vietnam eVisa

When you apply for an eVisa, you will receive the approval digitally rather than on physical paper in a traditional visa. This electronic approval is linked to your passport information. Furthermore, it reduces the chances of losing your physical standard visa while traveling. 

Cheaper Than a Traditional Visa

eVisas are generally inexpensive as compared to a traditional visa. The government fee for Vietnam Evisa is 25 USD for single entry and 50 USD for multiple entry. On the other hand, the cost of a traditional visa can range between 90 and 125 USD. Moreover, the eVisas process is entirely online, so there are no hidden or extra charges for postage and courier fees associated with mailing paper documents.

Secure Than Traditional Visa

The Vietnam eVisa is more secure than a traditional visa because it enhances security measures. It reduces the risk of counterfeit or fake build-up visa documents. Moreover, the online application procedure of eVisa requires you to perform several verification steps. This reduces the chances of fraudulent activities. 

Vietnam’s Rich Culture and Famous Cuisine

Vietnam eVisa

Vietnam is a country with deep relations with history and tradition. It has a rich culture and heritage that lets travelers taste its fantastic and unique cuisine. Vietnam offers an excellent blend of old-world charm and modern fare. 

Vietnam’s Cultural Heritage:

  • Vietnam’s rich cultural heritage includes its beautiful architecture. It has various ancient temples and colonial area buildings, evidence of French colonial architecture.
  • Vietnamese art and literature attract most of the tourists. You can characterize it by nature, which is a symbol of Vietnam’s rich culture. 
  • The traditional Vietnamese music and dances are also an integral part of the culture. Furthermore, there are festivals which you can attend to celebrate its cultural diversity and traditions. 

Vietnam’s Famous Cuisine:

  • Pho is the most famous dish in Vietnam. It is a fragrant noodle soup with added beef or chicken, herbs, and rice noodles. Furthermore, it is served with some side portions. Pho is a well-known breakfast staple in Vietnam, which everyone loves. 
  • Ca Phe is a potent brew served either hot or cold. It is made with Vietnam’s famous aromatic coffee beans and condensed milk.
  • Banh Mi is a crusty baguet filled with a sweet and savory filling. It can be grilled chicken, pickles, etc. The dish is famous in Vietnam, and you can find it everywhere. 

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Tips For First-Time Visitors To Vietnam

Vietnam eVisa

To make your Vietnam trip memorable and ensure a smooth travel experience, you must follow the following tips when visiting Vietnam for the first time.

Packing Tips

Vietnam is diverse, and its weather can change from region to region. It would be best to pack your clothes according to the weather conditions. Always check the weather forecasts before traveling to Vietnam. Moreover, Vietnam is a tropical country, so remember to pack sunscreen and insect repellents. 

Research For Attractions

Take some time and research which places are best to visit in Vietnam. Research its top attractions and travel requirements well, then plan for your trip. 

Take Necessary Travel Documents

Remember to take the essential travel documents while traveling to Vietnam. Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months after entering Vietnam. Depending on your nationality, you must also apply for a Vietnam eVisa or traditional visa. 

Learn Basic Vietnamese Phrases

Learn some daily use of Vietnamese phrases to enhance your travel experience. This will make the Vietnamese people comfortable with you quickly. 

Safe Eating

Vietnamese cuisine is delicious; however, you must take care of the ingredients and water supply to prevent getting sick on your trip. Opt for bottled water, avoid ice in drinks, and go for freshly cooked food.

Beware of Scams

Every tourist destination has scammers who can commit fraud with you quickly. Stay safe and take care of your belongings, especially in crowded places. Similarly, beware of pickpockets in the bustling markets of Vietnam.

Explore Undiscovered Regions

Don’t hesitate to explore undiscovered attractions in Vietnam. There are many popular destinations like Hanoi Ha Long Bay, but there are also many beautiful places unexplored by tourists. Vietnam is filled with hidden gems that need to be discovered. 

Following the suggestions mentioned above, your trip will be full of adventures and enjoyment. So get ready to experience Vietnam’s diverse heritage and vibrant culture. 

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